On va déguster Paris, published by Marabout is the latest book by François-Régis Gaudry a famous French food critic and journalist

The book is a 448 pages encyclopedia/guide about the Parisian gastronomy and I'm fortunate to be part of the 20 illustrators that helped make this book a real piece of art under the art direction of Hic et Nunc Studio and Drink Studio.

I have worked on 5 illustrated maps: the Parisian restaurants where the famous French character "Commissaire Maigret" used to eat and the typical Parisian dishes he had there ; the Seine and its role as the main transport route for goods before the arrival of the railways ; the local products (fruits, vegetables, cheeses, etc.) from "Île de France", the French region around Paris which includes 55 products illustrations by the very talented Sophie Rivière ; the different locations where you can fish in Paris ; an overlay of the streets of gallo-roman town Lutèce with current day Paris.
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Maigret favorite places in Paris
Maigret page in the book
Illustrated maps of goods entering Paris
Spread about the Seine river with 2 illustrated maps
île de France local products
Spread about the Parisian local products
Map of Lutèce overlapping current day Paris
THe Lutèce map in the book