Here are different illustrated maps created as parts of my #WHEREIWAS project. Inspired by old postal stamps I created illustrated maps for various destinations using the streets layouts or coastlines as the main graphics.

#whereiwas is a challenge I set to myself at the beginning of 2019. The idea was to create in less than 2 hours 1 map every day of places I visited that exact same day in the past. The goal is to explore different visual styles, develop new skills and improve my creative process. This is a selection of this ongoing project and you can see where it's currently at by following me on instagram: @le.cartographiste
Map location: Christchurch, New Zealand - Rarotonga, Cook Islands - Paraty, Brazil - Praia das Laranjeiras, BrazilType of map : EditorialIndustry/Type of client : Personal project, Travel<< BACK TO PORTFOLIO
Vintage Christchurch map stamp
Vintage Rarotonga map stamp
Vintage Paraty, Brazil stamp
Praia das Laranjeiras vintage map stamp