They Draw and Travel is an online community for map illustrators. In 2021, they provided a list of prompts for the #inktober challenge on instagram which they called #theydrawtober. These prompts where only islands from all over the world. I'm not the best at using ink and pens when designing maps but I challenged myself to use their prompts to create small illustrations of each of the islands fauna and flora

Map location: Cuba, Madagascar, Ibiza, Naoshima, Tasmania, Jeju Island, The Maldives, Holbox, Palawan, Martha's Vineyard, Santorini, Kaua'i, Galapagos Islands, Ilha Grande, Ko Phi Phi, Whitsunday Islands, Malta, Isle of Man, Just Enough Room Island, Whidbey Island, Mt Desert IslandType of map : Editorial, IllustrationIndustry/Type of client : Personal project, Travel<< BACK TO PORTFOLIO
Cuba's Cuban kite swallowtail.
Madagascar's Grandidier baobab
Ometepe's Hummingbird
Ibiza's wall lizard
Naoshima's Japanese Sea Nettle
Tasmania's thylacine
Jeju Island's hepatica insularis.
Maldives' green sea turtle
Holbox's American flamingo
Palawan's Palawan Birdwing
Martha's Vineyard's American oystercatcher
Santorini's European mantis
Kaua'i's pua 'ilima
Galapagos islands' scallopped hammerhead sharks
Ilha Grande's jararacussu
Ko Phi Phi's Gurney's pitta
Whitsunday Islands' ocellaris clownfish
Malta's Ruby Maltese Tiger Moth
Isle of Man's Risso's Dolphin
Just Room Enough Island
Whidbey Island's Fairy Slipper
Mt Desert Island's sea mink