Here are different illustrations created as parts of my #WHEREIWAS project. These are various illustrations made as fictional passport stamps of places I've visited from Mexico, to Australia, to Europe and Canada.

#whereiwas is a challenge I set to myself at the beginning of 2019. The idea was to create in less than 2 hours 1 map every day of places I visited that exact same day in the past. The goal is to explore different visual styles, develop new skills and improve my creative process. This is a selection of this ongoing project and you can see where it's currently at by following me on instagram: @le.cartographiste
Map location: Chichen Itza, Mexico - Leon, Nicaragua - Chute Montmorency, Quebec, Canada - Huskisson, NSW - Las Peñitas, Nicaragua - Geneva, Switzerland - Champeillant, France - Nicaragua - Cancùn, Mexico - Jervis Bay, NSW, Australia - Finca Musica del Bosque, Nicaragua - Pilgrims Cafe, Milton, NSW, AustraliaType of map : Editorial, IllustrationIndustry/Type of client : Personal project, Travel<< BACK TO PORTFOLIO
Chichen Itza, Mexico passport stamp
Leon, Nicaragua passport stamp
Chute Montmorency, Quebec passport stamp
Huskisson, NSW passport stamp
Las Peñitas, Nicaragua passport stamp
Geneva, Switzerland passport stamp
Champeillant, France passport stamp
Nicaragua chicken bus passport stamp
Cancùn, Mexico passport stamp
White Sands Walk, NSW passport stamp
Finca Musica del Bosque, Nicaragua passport stamp
Pligrims Cafe Milton passport stamp