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Who is
Le Cartographiste?

Hi, I’m Greg Franco, also known as Le Cartographiste, and I’m an illustrated map maker and an illustrator focused on travel-inspired illustrations! I have been an avid traveller and world adventurer all my life, developing a passion for maps as I discovered new places. After more than 15 years of experience as an illustrator and designer working for the tourism industry, luxury watchmakers and international groups, I decided to follow a new path. I now use my creativity and passion for map-making to help my clients share their stories in an original way.

Situation map

A situation map shows the way in which particular points are positioned vis-à-vis to their surroundings and themselves. These maps are used when you don’t want to focus on one particular point but more on an area.

A location map shows the location of a particular point or place in a physical space in the clearest possible way, with information directly relevant such as landmarks, points of interest, roads or any other hint helpful along the way.

An itinerary map shows a specific path to take to get from one point to another. One map can show multiple itineraries, landmarks or points of interests along the way as well as indication about distance or duration.

An access map or directions map shows how to get easily to a specific location. It can be a combination of several maps at different scales to show how to go from a roads network to local streets.

A site plan is a graphic representation of the arrangement of buildings, parking, drives, landscaping and any other structure that is part of a same site.

The different types of map I create

Each project needs a specific type of map. I am here to help if you want to illustrate a specific area with different points of interests, to share an itinerary, to show your location and how to get there or a general site plan.

All the maps I create are 100% custom made and are vector based. You can learn more about my work process in this step-by-step guide to learn how to make an illustrated map.

What are the advantages of working with me?

Looking for a custom illustrated map? Here are some reasons you should consider working with me.

Easy and fast

My creative process assures you a hassle-free experience and a quick turn-around time.

Custom maps

All my maps are unique, 100% created from scratch and personalised to your style.

Vector files

I deliver vector files so my illustrations are ready to use on printed or digital material.

Happy clients

From 1st contact to final delivery we’ll collaborate so that you’re 100% happy with your map.

My clients

As a freelance illustrator I accept commercial and private commissions worldwide.
Spot illustrations, wedding maps, editorial illustrated maps, tourist maps or souvenir maps for your home or to offer, here’s a selection of the type of clients I collaborate with and the type of projects that may be specific to their activities.

Tourism players

If you’re a travel agency, prepare custom itinerary maps to show the trips you’re selling or offer them as a present to your customer for their upcoming travels. If you’re a tourism office, visitors are always looking for situation maps and itineraries map to the local points of interests.

Publishers and Newsgroups

Include illustrated editorial maps into your publications or magazines as a visually creative way to illustrate an article or to help your readers visualize a specific area.


Create custom local guides to hand over to your guests when checking-in showing points of interests, places to eat and cafes placed on a street map of your neighbourhood.

Event planners

If you organize trade-shows, festivals, concerts, conferences, weddings, etc. use any map to help your attendees locate and get to the event as well as finding their way around.

Private commissions

Send an invitation to your personal event (birthdays, weddings, family reunions, etc.) with an access map on it. Framed personalized maps are also great bespoke presents and a nice touch for your home decoration. If you own a holiday rental, why not make a situation map for your guests?


Big or small, corporate clients or retail stores, financial services or training center, help your clients or partners find you by placing location or access maps on direct marketing tools or presentations.

Want to see illustrated map or spot illustrations examples?

Have a look at my portfolio or check my instagram!

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