Superminimaps is a great community of explorers and illustrators who create free to download and ready to print small travel guides with superb illustrated maps. And you know what? I’m beyond excited to be a part of it!

This map shows the beaches in & around Amsterdam, from The Hague to the Wadden Islands, and not being familiar with that area I discovered all the many different types beaches you can find there!

Thanks to Ramón Gullón, aka @fotoneutrino, who’s the editor of this Minimap for allowing me to discover this part of the world through his recommendations and to all the Superminimaps contributors for their work.

If you’re around Amsterdam and are looking for a bit of time out of the city, or if you’re just curious to discover the area through an illustrated map, head over here to download this Minimap for free.
Map location: Amsterdam, NetherlandsType of map : Illustrated maps, Editorial mapsIndustry/Type of client : Travel guide << BACK TO PORTFOLIO
Full map of beaches in & around Amsterdam
Amsterdam beaches guide using the illustrated map